Jersey City

A thriving metropolitan community along the Hudson River.

Welcome to Jersey City

Known as “Wall Street West,” Jersey City is one of the largest centers of banking and finance in the country. Tucked along the Hudson River across from Manhattan, this expansive city is a developing community of businesses, restaurants, shops, and culture — a true American melting pot. A densely urban area, Jersey City is bustling with things to do, diverse housing options, and several beautiful parks, providing the perfect blend of natural green spaces within an urban environment. 
Visit Bread & Salt Bakery for freshly baked bread, sandwiches, pizzas, and desserts and stop at The Boil on Erie Street for Cajun-inspired seafood boils by the pound. Another favorite culinary destination is Hamilton Pork, a Texas barbeque joint with a Mexican flare. Family-owned and operated, Hamilton Pork meats are smoked daily in-house and menu items include pulled pork, baby back ribs, salads, tacos, and sandwiches. But the best spot in Jersey City is the community gem, Carmine’s Deli. A “mom-and-pop” sandwich shop located on Mallory Avenue, Carmine’s doesn’t have a website or a social media account. Purely a word-of-mouth spot, residents flock to their counter for the best sandwiches and pasta dishes in town. 
For community activities, Jersey City is bursting with things to do and see in the neighborhood. Liberty State Park sits opposite Ellis Island and offers stunning views of the Manhattan skyline and makes for a great day-trip out in the sun with the whole family. The jewel of the Hudson County Park system, Lincoln Park, features 150-acres of recreational activities for all ages including a football field, five basketball courts, 21 tennis courts, and two children’s playgrounds. 
The RPM Raceway offers Go-Kart racing, VR battles, and luxury bowling, and Newport Centre is the premier destination for luxury shopping in the neighborhood. No matter your interests, you will find something to enjoy in the abundant, urban community of Jersey City. 
Jersey City is home to top-rated McNair High School, the 5th highest-ranked school in New Jersey.

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