Tips On Choosing A Real Estate Agent

May 25, 2019

How to Choose a Real Estate Agent?

A real estate agent may seem like someone that just takes a bite of the proceeds you make by selling your house. In reality, making those proceeds occur can be a tedious job and demotivating if you’re trying to sell a house on your own. No wonder why real estate agents enjoy a share in the transaction too.

Buyer’s agents are reluctant when they find out that they will not be facing a professional when trying to score a deal for their client. For-sale-by-owner transactions are considered a hassle by the agents representing buyers as they are seen as unrealistic, unreasonable and difficult whom professional realtors have rejected.

Here are some tips on how to choose a real estate agent:


  • Find a sensible smooth-talking agent. When a house is being sold it is normal that emotions will be involved from the selling side. Having an agent keeps you one step removed and makes you less likely to make silly mistakes such as overpricing your home, refusing to counter a low offer because you’re offended or giving in too easily when you have a deadline for selling your home.
  • Hire only professional and full-time real estate agents. Acting as an agent is not possible for you, no matter how smart you may be. It is not possible that you rush home from work every time someone wants to see your home or excuse yourself from a meeting every time your phone rings with a potential buyer. At the end of a long day you don’t have the energy to market your home and neither is you an expert. With an agent on board all of these problems don’t exist.
  • Hire a well reputed agent with social media presence and reviews. Real estate agents have a larger network than we can ever have. Even if we have large personal and professional network, those people will likely have little interest in spreading the word that our house is for sale. A real estate agent has relationships with clients, other agents or a real-estate agency to bring the largest pool of potential buyers to your home.
  • Look for an experienced agent. Experienced realtors are trained to ask qualifying questions to determine the seriousness, qualification and motivation of a prospect and identify whether someone who wants to view your house is really a qualified buyer or just a dreamer or curious neighbor. It is saves us from the trouble of major interruption every time you have to put your life on hold, make your house look perfect and show your home.Even if you have sales experience, you don’t have specialized experience negotiating a home sale. The buyer’s agent does, so he/she is more likely to win the negotiation. Not only are you in experienced, with emotions spiraled up around you and without your agent to pin point your irrational mistakes, you are likely to make poor decisions.
  • Look for a real estate agent with an eye for sales points. As agents are experts, they can walk with you through your home and point out changes you need to make to attract buyers and get the best offers. They can see the flaws that we’re oblivious to as we see them every day.Selling your home will likely be one of the biggest transactions of your life. You can try to do it alone to save money, but hiring the correct agent has many advantages. Agents can get broader exposure for your property, help you negotiate a better deal, dedicate more time to your sale and help keep your emotions from sabotaging the sale. An agent brings expertise, which few home sellers have, to a complex transaction with many financial and legal pitfalls.

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