5 Steps You Can Take to Make Senior Care Easier

August 11, 2019

As seniors age, they tend to need more care and assistance from loved ones. If you find yourself in this situation, you may not be sure where to start to provide that senior care. Senior care needs can be complex and varied, but you can take steps that can help get your home and life ready to meet the needs of senior loved ones.

Add Smart Home Features to Make Senior Care Easier

You should know that certain tech can also make your home safer for seniors. For example, smart doorbells can make it easier for seniors to see who is at the door without getting up and moving around and can help care providers keep an eye on the home as well. Voice-controlled entertainment systems and two-way communication gadgets can make everyday routines much simpler, and many smart home devices are fairly inexpensive to add.

Think About Making Home Changes to Reduce Fall Risks

By adding certain smart tech to your home, such as automated lighting, you are already taking steps to keep your senior loved one from falling. Why is this important? Falls lead to more senior deaths than any other accident or health hazard and most serious falls occur at home. So, making simple changes can do so much more than just make life easier. These home updates could actually help your senior loved ones avoid potentially life-changing injuries and even live longer. Bathroom modifications are one of the most common upgrades needed to ensure senior safety, so look into adding grab bars or converting showers so that seniors can walk into them.

Consider Hiring People to Help Provide Care for Seniors

Caring for a senior can be a full-time job, which can be difficult when you are also trying to balance the demands of your career and your other family members. To keep yourself from getting maxed out and to ensure your senior loved one gets sufficient care, you may want to hire people to help. Seniors can benefit from having someone available to run errands, such as grabbing groceries and prescriptions, or even having a hired helper assist with daily care, which can include bathing and getting dressed. Caregivers benefit from assistance as well.

Look for Help Covering the Costs of Senior Home Care

Understanding home features that can improve senior safety is crucial when you are planning on providing care to a loved one. It also helps, however, to understand all of the different expenses of senior care. Look over the average costs of different types of senior care, but you should also look for financial options that may help you cover those costs. Some seniors may be able to work in order to generate income to cover those costs, but many will need to turn to insurance, benefits, or Medicaid to pay for care. Other seniors may have to downsize and sell their current home to afford the costs. To get an idea of how much their home is worth, seniors can utilize an online home-value estimator.

Know When Assisted Living May Be the Safest Option

There are so many benefits for seniors who can age in place, whether that’s in a senior’s own home or with a loved one. Seniors who can live in a traditional home tend to have a greater sense of independence and also may have fewer issues with social isolation. Oftentimes, though, these benefits are outweighed by serious risks. It’s not always feasible for family members to care for senior loved ones and it’s not always safe, so it’s important to be able to realize when it’s time to turn to assisted living options or other long-term care to meet those needs. If your loved one needs more complex medical care or you cannot be around for extended periods of time, moving to assisted living may be best.

Watching a loved one age can present some very real challenges for family members. Knowing how to meet the challenges of senior care can make life so much easier for those family caregivers and can improve the quality of life for seniors as well. So, ensure you know what options are available to make your role as a caregiver less stressful but also know when it’s time to reach out for more help. Because your quality of life matters too.

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